List of Berber Personalities In History

Ancient Berber Kings, Queens & Personalities:

  • Shoshenq I: (Shishenq I):  Berber Pharaoh, founder of the Egyptian 22nd dynasty (945-924 BC); (946-925); (943-922)?
  • Wayheset: Libyan king.
  • Osorkon I: Berber King, probably son of Shoshenq from Karima (Egyptian 22nd dynasty: 924-889 BC).
  • Queen Makere: wife of King Osorkon I.
  • Shoshenq II: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty: 890-889 BC).
  • Takeloth I: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty: 889-874 BC).
  • Osorkon II: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty: 874-850 BC).
  • Horseise: Hight Preist of Amon: son of Sheshonk II.
  • Takeloth II: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty: 850-825 BC).
  • Amazigh  chief Larbas: negotiated a deal to marry Princess Dido in 814 BC (Tarshish: Carthage)?
  • Pediese: Great Chief of the Meshwesh.
  • Hetihenker: Great Chief of the Meshwesh.
  • Shoshenq Ill: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty 825-773 BC).
  • Pimay (‘The Cat’): son of Shoshenq III: (Egyptian  22nd dynasty 773-767 BC).
  • Bakennefi: brother of Pimay: Prince of Heliopolis.
  • Shoshenq IV: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty 767-730 BC).
  • Osorkon IV: Berber King (Egyptian  22nd dynasty: 730-715).
  • Pedubast: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Input II: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Sheshong VI: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Osorkon III: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd  dynasty).
  • Takeloth III: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Rudamon: Berber King: (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Tefnakht: Berber King, founder of the  Egyptian 24th   dynasty (unified the Delta).
  • Bocchoris: Berber King (Egyptian  23rd dynasty).
  • Masinissa:  King of Numidia.
  • Jugurtha:  King of Numidia.
  • Juba II: King of Numidia.
  • Macrinus:  Roman emperor.
  • Clodius Albinus: ruler of  Britannia.
  • Lusius Quietus: ruler of  Judaea.
  • Quintus Lollius Urbicus:  ruler of Britannia (138 – 144 AD).
  • Septimius Severus:  Libyan Roman emperor (193 – 211 AD).
  • Tacfarinas: (Leader of the  wars against  the Romans in the Aures  Mountains).
  • Firmus: (fought the Romans:  372 – 375).
  • Gildo: (fought the Romans  in 398).
  • Publius Terentius Afer (Terence:  writer, Latin).
  • Lucius  Apuleius: author of The Golden Ass (The Transformations  of  Lucius Apuleius of Madaura).
  • Priscian: (Latin  grammarian).
  • Marcus Cornelius Fronto: (Roman  grammarian).
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo:  Christian philosopher).
  • Saint Monica of Hippo: (Saint  Augustine’s mother).
  • Arius: (proposed the  doctrine of Arianism).
  • Donatus Magnus: (head of Donatist  school).
  • Gelasius I: (Pope: 492-496).
  • Victor I: (Pope: 186-201).
  • Miltiades: (Pope: 311-314).
  • Abd ar-Rahman I: (731-788).
  • Al-Mansur:  (712-775).
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad (Zeyyad):  (leader of the army that invaded Spain in  711).
  • Adrian of Canterbury: Abbot  of St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury.
  • Dihya: Kahina: Dinamigan:  Berber Queen, Priestess and General. According to the Arab generals themselves, whenever a Berber tribe is defeated another emerges from the mirage like the jinn of the desert. Among the fiercest Berber leaders who resisted the new arrivals was the Berber queen and prophetess Kahina, who, according to the Arab generals whom she was at war with, defeated them like no other general had done before her.
  • Aksil:  Kusayla: King or Tribal leader.
  • Salih ibn Tarif of the  Berghouata: translated the Koran to Berber.
  • Abbas Ibn Firnas: inventor  and aviator;  first attempt at controlled flight?
  • Ibn Tumart: founder of the  Almohad dynasty.
  • Yusuf ibn Tashfin: Almoravid  dynasty.
  • Al Idrisi: scientist and geographer.
  • Ibn Battuta: traveller.
  • Ibn Khaldoun: histography.
  • Leo Africanus: geographer  and historian.
  • Abu Yaqub Yusuf I.
  • Abu Yaqub Yusuf II.
  • Ziri ibn Manad: founder of  Zirid dynasty.
  • Muhammad Awzal.
  • Muhammad al-Jazuli: Sufi.
  • Imam al-Busiri: poet.
  • Abu Ali al-Hassan al-Yusi.


Commanding bronze statue of the Berber Roman emperor Septimius Severus

 Berber Nesmenser; Zuwarah, Libya.
All Rights Reserved © 2011.


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